Spring into Summer Sandals

Spring is officially here! So, while we’ll still be experiencing the highs and lows of that fateful transition from cold to warm, it’s time to get ready for summer sandals and gently baked summer skin.

Here are a few of our favorite casual summer sandals to get you through the warmer half of spring and summer:

Spring into Summer Sandals || The Shoe Dish

Aldo Zeanna Gladiator Thong Sandal

Spring into Summer Sandals || The Shoe Dish

Kate Spade Tracie in Gold

Spring into Summer Sandals || The Shoe Dish

Aspiga Charolette Thong Sandal

Spring into Summer Sandals || The Shoe Dish

Michael Kors ‘Kayden’ Jelly Sandals

Spring into Summer Sandals || The Shoe Dish

Dolce Vita ‘Marnie’ Sandal

You’ll notice that there are no flatforms or Birkenstock-esque sandals in our shopping cart. Just say no.

Just Say No to Flatforms…

Bleck! I’m so over the “comfy” shoe trend. If I see another flatform or designer Birkenstock, I’m going to puke. If you don’t want to wear a heel, then don’t wear a heel. There are plenty of cute, comfy and chic “comfort” options available without doing weird things to existing silhouettes.

No! No! NO! N-O! N.O. These are examples of what not to wear. If you want to wear a Birkenstock, wear a Birkenstock. If you want to wear a platform, wear a platform. If you want to wear a flat, wear a flat. Amiright?

Birkenstock & Flatform Trend || The Shoe Dish

This is not cute. No matter how pretty you are, how nice your legs look or how cool you are.  Just.  No.

Birkenstock & Flatform Trend || The Shoe Dish

These are nice. Try these on. They are flat. They are comfy. They are cute. These Jeffrey Campbell lace-up ballerinas are the perfect alternative to heels this spring. Please, stop the madness…for the love of all things pretty.

Pointy-Toe Flats That’ll Sharpen Your Shoe Game

Sharpen your shoe game with these spectacular strappy pointy-toe flats perfect for spring…but evergreen and wearable pretty much year round.

Shop the Story:

Happy Friday!

Rock the Red Pump!

Rock the Red Pump || The Shoe Dish

Hey all you sassy shoe lovers! Today we’re proud to be rocking our favorite casual red ballerinas in support of The Red Pump Project® and in anticipation of National Womens/Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day happening next Tuesday, March 10th.

The Red Pump Project® is a nonprofit organization raising awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. The Red Pump serves as a symbol of empowerment representing the strength and courage of women affected by HIV/AIDS.

It’s Friday, so we’re dressing casual today with our favorite red ballerinas from Kate Spade, but here are just a few of our favorite red shoes, from sky-high stilettos to sweet casual ballerinas like mine:

And check out more ways to join The Red Pump Project® with these exciting events:

Tweet, Instagram, Facebook…or socialize it the best way you can by posting your favorite red shoes using the hashtag #rocktheredpump

Valentino “Rockstud” Ballerina Flat & Some Knockoffs

I tend to steer clear of designer knockoffs. I’m all for getting a great, stylish, on trend pair of shoes for a more affordable price as long as it’s high quality, but I’d venture to say that about 90% of straight knockoffs are not anywhere close to that.

I don’t think there’s a morality issue with knockoffs. Every designer in the world, famous or not, is copying someone else’s design. That’s where trends emerge. My issue is with quality. That said, there are a lot of styles and trends that come and go so fast that buying the “designer” high street pair would be silly. So, there’s always a time and place for a knockoff.

Valentino Rocktsud Ballet Flats || The Shoe Dish

Case in point, this Valentino “Rockstud” Ballet Flat is EVERYWHERE right now. In fact, we’ve written about it and its sister silhouettes three times. It’s adorable and gnarly. It’s also super trendy and very, very, very expensive. But, if I had $795 floating around, I still wouldn’t buy this shoe. Even in black, the straps and studs take it from classic to trendy and in 5 years, 10 years…20 years you probably won’t be wearing it.

Luckily, there are a few great knockoff options, from $20 to $150. The Charlotte Russe version will get you through this season, the G-Small pair might last a little bit longer than that. Both will save you a crap ton {yes, I said crap ton} of money.

A Bevy of Ballet Flats

Following up our 8 Shoes Every Woman Should Own series we’ll be focusing today on the ballerina flat. It’s hard to imagine that this little silhouette was once a non-existent piece of footwear. In fact, when the ballerina flat first emerged onto the scene it took several fashion seasons to be come a closet staple.

Nowadays, the ballerina flat is a dime a dozen, gracing the feet of the most fashion forward fashionistas and available in every style, color, shape and size. The ballerina flat is so functional that it claims its own capsule within a capsule within a capsule. One of the important things to remember is that the ballerina flat is so simple and subtle that you can really have fun with it. Add some color, add some shape, add some grommets. Anything goes. Here are a few of our favorite styles:

Friday Favorites: Fancy Footwear Finds…


Valentino Rockstud Flats || The Shoe Dish

As we plan our first-ever Capsule Wardrobe for Spring 2015, it’s things like these that seriously capture our attention. This sweet Valentino Rockstud Flats {we featured the 70s-inspired version of it HERE} makes getting dressed up or down as easy as pie.

Take a closer look at Lily James custom cinderella shoes from Jimmy Choo. Wish we had those for our wedding…

Jessica Hart NY Fashion Week Street Style || The Shoe Dish

Check out some of the best ‘streetwear style’ from New York Fashion Week…

Happy weekend!