designer challenge: giambattista valli vs bakers

Can you see the difference? Which shoe would you buy? One of these platform sandals is from couture fantasy designer Giambattista Valli, while the other is an affordable knockoff from Bakers. In fact, the knockoff is currently on sale!! Tell us what you think. Shoedish will reveal the copycat and the real deal tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “designer challenge: giambattista valli vs bakers

  1. oh, little shoedish! it’s so clear that the beauty on the left is the real thing. I think the Baker’s shoe is cute, but in a shiny cheap way. the softness of the expensive one shows even in this picture.

    the baker’s would cut the top of your foot! how can i have sex wearing shoes which would cause blood to drip on the man between my verticaly extended legs?


  2. The cheapie is clearly on the right- the heel and platform are covered in something vinyl-esque, and the “fabric” on the toe is cheap pleather. Sigh. It’s the difference between Louboutin fetish heels and fetish heels from the sketchy porn store.


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