Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day – we’re impartial – there’s no doubt that it’s a great excuse to put on your hottest heels, reddest lipstick and step out in style. Look hot this holiday, no matter your relationship status. Here are a couple of our favorite styles to fit every situation:

Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels || The Shoe Dish

Nothing says Single & Ready to Mingle, like a pair of hot pink snakeskin embossed sky-high stilettos, like the ‘Sardinia’ from Carlos Santana

Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels || The Shoe Dish

Because no matter how you are in the bedroom, you’ll always be a lady on the street. These sweet heels from Betsey Johnson say this lady is Spoken For.

Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels || The Shoe Dish

If ‘It’s Complicated’ you’ll need a heel that’ll keep ‘em guessing, which is where this sexy heel from L.A.M.B. ‘Sandy’ will come in.

Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels || The Shoe Dish

For the recently divorced…in case you need to kick some tush – the L.A.M.B. – Serena

Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels || The Shoe Dish

Heart…broken? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Jump up & brighten up with these sassy heels from Priveleged – the ‘Cosmic Crush’

Your Relationship Status? Say it with Heels || The Shoe Dish

Michael Antonio’s ‘Temdy’ is the perfect heel for Heartbreaker! Go get ‘em girl!

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Laser-cut Heart Booties from alice + olivia

Laser-cut Heart Booties from alice + olivia || The Shoe DishTired of Valentine’s Day slapping you in the face with an overkill of red & pink, delicious smells of milk chocolate and overpriced roses on every corner of the streets?

Fight back with a subtlety {or a not-so-subtle, depending on how you see it} pair of laser-cut heart booties from alice + olivia. These booties fit the holiday perfectly, yet they’re peek-a-boo cut-out design keeps them subtly under the radar. And because they’re not shouting Cupid arrows and red roses with a blazing red or pink color scheme, you can almost get away with wearing them without too much fan fare.

These alice + olivia Gerri Heart Cutout Booties are complete with a luxe, croc-embossed golden metallic wash, peep-toe design, scalloped top and come in the season’s trendiest styles. Also available in black. All hail the return of the peek-a-boo cut-out bootie! Available at for $395.

No More Blues in these Shoes…

After last week’s, somewhat aggressively, named #snowmageddon I was looking forward to the promising temperatures of 70+…until I realized those spring-like temperatures were going to come with equally high humidity. Ugh, can one never be happy!

No More Blues in these Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

I’m not ready to go into detail, but this is what I was wearing on my feet on Sunday. For those of you who follow football, it was a very, very, very bad day.

No More Blues in these Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

So this week, I licked my wounds from the weekend and passed the dreary, overcast, humid days with bright-colored pumps. Hey, when the weather gives you fog, wear bright colors so people can find you!! Monday saw my favorite Audrey-Hepburn chunky-heeled pumps from BC Shoes. My how I love these little pumps. Check out more low-heel pumps HERE!

No More Blues in these Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

No week is complete without my morning trips to the gym. I am not a fan of sneakers. They are a necessity, only to be worn at the gym or while running on the street. I picked these ones up in the little boys section on sale at an outlet store. Nothing beats a $30 pair of athletic shoes!

No More Blues in these Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

The bump is busting out these days, so it’s getting harder and harder to dress in the mornings. Today I managed to squirm into my favorite Madewell dress, pairing it with my fave Madewell work bag and my Report booties. It was a black & white kind of day.

No More Blues in these Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

These are one of my oldest pairs of shoes. They’re the only pair of chunky platforms I still own and wear and I love them because they look like they’ve been bronzed {the way you’d bronze a pair of baby shoes in commemoration}. They look cute with EVERYTHING and are a great alternative to black…

TGIF my shoe fancies! Have a great and shoetabulous weekend…

Lucky Brand ‘Eloy’ Boots

Lucky Brand Eloy || The Shoe DishOh, well hello there final sale boots from Lucky Brandin just my size. Being a 7 1/2 it’s rare to find a great pair of shoes during final clearance sales. It’s a very common size, after all. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I stumbled across these final sale boots from Lucky in a 7 1/2 {the only size left!!} What! What!!

These uber cute little booties are the perfect boot for the everyday. They can be paired with jeans for a casual day at the office {depending on where you work :)} and look yummy with a cute floral sundress too. The best part is they’re a great boot for in-between seasons. Wear them with mini skirts, jeans, sundresses, pants…heck, you can even wear them with shorts if you dare. Available at Piperlime for $39.97…but hurry, 7 1/2 is the ONLY size left!

Lucky Brand Eloy || The Shoe Dish

Trend Watch: The Audrey Hepburn Pump

The anti-stiletto inspired by the anti-privileged, Audrey Hepburn made whites socks and loafers famous in the late 1950s. These chunky, closed-toe pumps follow the same rules. A pump that’s not quite a pump, but not quite a flat either.

As an avid sky-high stiletto wearer, we’re always entranced by a “casual” shoe that catches our attention and our hearts have been won over by this beatnik-influenced style. A shoe that straddles alternative culture and sits happily in the mainstream, as well? Do show us more! Plus, they’re way more comfy 6-inch stilettos :) Here are a few of our favorites:

Trend Watch: Return of the Peek-a-Boo Bootie

Every couple of seasons a micro-trend is recycled. That’s why we’re constantly seeing the resurgence of things gone by. So, when you look at photos five years from now and think — “Lordy, what was I wearing? What did I do to my hair? What is that lipstick?” — chances are, you’ll make the same mistakes in another five years. We do not learn our lessons when it comes to trends.

Trend Watch: Return of the Peek-a-Boo Bootie ||  The Shoe Dish #shoetrend #fashionista #trendwatch

Thankfully, some trends are worth the great return. And the sassy cut-out, peek-a-boo bootie, like this B Brian Atwood Levens Cutout Bootiesis back!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Another day, another shoe!

My week in shoes:

Here’s the thing about Charleston in the winter. It can be 75 degrees one day, followed by a 19 degree wake up call just 12 hours later. I’m not exaggerating. I didn’t bring any of winter coats when I moved here because I was convinced that it would be warm 365 days a year. Hey, it’s the south! I was wrong. Today as I pranced down the steps to my car on a 62 degree morning, I was happily donning my favorite Ellen Tracy leopard-print wedges…

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

when I left work only 9 hours later the temperature had dropped 28 degrees, my toes were so cold, I’d lost feeling in them. Weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday? 28 and 33 degrees with a 50% chance of snow. Say whaaaaaat!!??! Apparently we were about to experience a #snowmageddon!

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

Don’t be deceived by this photo! It was 28 degrees in Charleston today and they’re now predicting a 100% chance of snow, freezing rain and low of 20 degrees tonight. Brrrrr…I know what you’re thinking: Silly girl. Cover up your poor freezing ankles. Yes, yes, but in my defense, I was snuggled up indoors all day. Bridges were closed. Businesses were closed. Even my office had a snow day. The city shut down.

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

Yup, it’s still FREEZING outside! Today, in honor of the first snow fall in Charleston in 4 years, I wore my chunky winter snow boots. You know, the ones reserved for trudging through 3 feet of snow in the woods. They weren’t really necessary, but they were warm.

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

Thankfully the temperatures have risen substantially today, but it’s still ankle bootie weather out there, which allowed me to pull out these oldie but goodies from London Underground.

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

And just in time for casual Friday, the weather has tempered once again. Gotta love the south. Snow and boots on Wednesday, sun and red suede flower ballerina flats from Kate Spade on Friday!