Toms Shoes: Happy in Wedges

As a general rule of thumb, I love Toms Shoes. I love the company! I love everything they stand for. I have owned a pair of Toms originals {in grey} since the company first launched. They are a smart company, doing good business, giving back to the world, while providing a practical alternative to casual flats…

But, as much as I love the wonderful world of Toms Shoes, I’m not a huge fan of them from a fashion sense. There’s nothing cute about a Toms original. It’s just not flattering…on anyone.

Toms Shoes: Happy in Wedges

So, you might imagine my excitement when they introduced the Toms wedge and ballet flat. Now we’re getting somewhere, right! But, it wasn’t until this latest revision of the wedge that we really got thrilled to be an avid Toms fan. Now, not only are we thrilled about the company & business, but also the designs as well.

We recently got our hands on the super adorable, Zebra-print {no, it’s not real zebra} strappy wedge with a fully wrapped sole. They’re delicious! Comfortable, affordable, cute for a casual day at the market while sassy enough to strut into your favorite bar for a night on the town. Oh, did we mention they’re super comfy…well, we’ll say it again. Now this is a heel you can hike in!

Once Upon a Time: Chrissie Morris

Once Upon a Time: Chrissie Morris

Oh lordy, lordy, I have just crashed through the looking glass and tumbled into a fantasy! We want, want, want these Chrissie Morris Snakeskin Sandals and we must have them NOW!! These pretty peeps might be best suited for the Queen of Hearts – a debut in the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – but we’d prefer them upon our own little feet.

This Chrissie Morris heel is complete with panels of snakeskin and smooth leather to create a striated pattern. The jagged lines along the vamp and heel cap create an art deco finish. Do you love?

Once Upon a Time: Chrissie Morris

Ultimate Sneaker Wedge: Jeffrey Campbell

Isabel Marant might be arguably the first to create the now coveted sneaker wedge. As a microtrend, most people shied away from them. But, as the fashion seasons have progressed they’ve become a fashion staple. Okay, okay, so maybe they’re not like the black pump or the mary jane, but they’ve certainly earned their place in the closets of many a fashionista.

Just about every couture designer, shoe purveyor and big box shoe house has a version these days, so whether you like to spend $1200 or $50 on your fashionable sneakers, there’s an option for you.

Jeffrey Campbell Sneaker Wedge

Our new favorite wedge sneaker has to be these chain-embellished wedges from Jeffrey Campbell. The JC line has some pretty spectacular versions, but we’re partial to these uber hard knocks. Hey, if you’re gonna wear a sneaker with a 3-inch wedge, you might as well go All. The. Way!

This weekend saw the completion of a long overdue project and we’re so, so, so excited to show it to you guys, but first a little back story.

There are a handful of things in this world that I can truly not live without, aside from the normal stuff, like my friends and family, of course. I’m talking about non-essential desires that make you happy, like a $300 bottle of champagne, a weekly pedicure or an annual trip to the spa with your best girlfriends. For me, my splurge; my non-essential ESSENTIAL is shoes. I {LOVE} shoes and not just in a way that almost any female loves shoes {I mean, I write a blog about them}, but in a way that it’s an almost uncontrollable obsession. When it comes to shoes, my self-control goes flying out the window.

IMG_2813 Tower o' shoes

Let’s just say that I’m an avid collector of the things that we put on our feet. And, like most collections, they tend to permeate your life. While living, quite literally in a shoebox in NY, I had to get very creative with my shoe storage: under beds, in ovens, hanging and stacked behind doors and even sitting on windowsills

…until one day it hit me. Why not display my collection of shoes the same way I do my books!!??! And so was born the shoe wall!

IMG_2811 IMG_2817

Now that I live in California and my box is more suited for thigh-high boots, my shoe wall isn’t necessarily necessary…but I still enjoy showing off the shoes. They’re a part of my life. They tell the story of who I am; where I’ve been, and where I’m going. And let’s be honest, even a 3-bedroom house doesn’t have enough storage for this girls shoe collection.

IMG_2819 Shoe Wall!

And so, after months and months of unnecessary absence, my shoe wall is back. Isn’t she pretty? Just like that, all is right in the world once again.

What you need:

  • Elfa Easy hang components
  • Elfa shelves
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Shoe boxes

look for less: balenciaga cutout bootie

Our hunt for the perfect pair of biker boots began in the fall. That was all we wanted, all we searched for; the absolute only thing that mattered. It monopolized our daily web searches and our weekend shopping trips. But, as is often the case, when you look for something you can’t find it, but when you’re not looking for it, if falls brilliantly into your lap.

I never stopped looking…

…I never found the perfect fall biker boot. Now, it’s spring and as I pull out my sandals and prep my toes for more revealing footwear, I’m left bereft of the fact that I never found the perfect pair of biker boots for my winter wardrobe.

Balenciaga cut-out bootieAnd then while scouring my normal shoe haunts {I was actually shoe stalking Nicole Richie :) }  I was reintroduced to these these cut-out booties from Balenciaga. Done right, these boots can actually work across multiple seasons. I’m nowhere near solvent enough to spend $1,200 on a pair of shoes {hey a girl can dream}, but luckily with designers like Jeffrey Campbell creating looks for less, the foot fetishes of frugal fashionsitas can be realized as well.Jeffrey Campbell cut-out bootie

The JC edition is a bit more pricey than other options, but here are a few others for the Balenciaga cut-out bootie for less. Anyone own the original Balenciaga or knock-off versions. We’d love to see your looks! Share with us on Facebook or tweet @theshoedish with the #hashtag #shoelicious so we can see how you strut your stuff!!

jumping puddles: classic hunter rain boots


Hunter Rain BootsSo, one thing that’s changed since we moved to the west coast is the weather. We’re living in the north, so we’re not talking year-round fun in the sun, bet there’s certainly a temperature difference in the winter months as compared the NY arctic. Wool coats, fur hats and gloves have been replaced by layers and windbreakers. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the torrential rains. In New York there wasn’t a ton of rain, but when it did rain, it meant it. San Francisco is very much the same. The first four months after I moved here (June – August) it didn’t rain once. Not. One. Single. Drop. No exaggeration.

Now, the rain won’t stop. My east coast winter snows have been replaced by west coast monsoons. We are not fans.

We are fans of these classic Hunter Original Rain Boots, though. These are now my very, very, very best friends!