Men’s Footwear: The Rugged Boot

Kurt Geiger: Rugged Boots || The Shoe DishMy brother is a pretty cool guy. He dresses well, has a quality shoe collection and manages to look trendy while doing his own thing. He’s no hipster and aside from his current “Movember” stache, he’s pretty much got it together.

The one thing he’s lacking is the perfect pair of boots, like these from Kurt Geiger. For years I’ve been trying to get him to buy some cool boots. If anyone can pull off this look, it’s him. But, as much as he respects my fashion advice, especially when it comes to shoes, he just doesn’t see my vision here.

And then this weekend while a friend was in town, he did it. He borrowed his friends pair of rugged boots and Bam! a boot star was born. Now he’s obsessed with finding the perfect pair and so am I. Here are a few of my favorites:

The ‘Carolyn’ from Rachel Zoe

It’s officially fall! And as much as we dislike the cold, there’s nothing like a warm cable-knit sweater and a pair of hot boots.

Rachel Zoe Carolyn || The Shoe DishWhile our search continues for the perfect moto boots, we turn our attention to other boot needs {there are a lot of styles we need for our shoedrobe, after all} and a warm hazelnit dual-fabric heeled bootie like the ‘Carolyn’ from Rachel Zoe is just what the shoe doctor ordered. These will certainly quench our thirst…at least for a little while. We’re no shoe camel. We require gallons and gallons o’ shoes!

Better yet, these babies are on sale for just $299! On sale from $455. Woot! The perfect sale, just in time for the holidays!

What boots are you looking for these days?

Happy Holiday Heels

The holidays are upon us! And you know what that means…it’s time to get your holiday shoes in order for all those fabulous parties you’ll be attending this festive season.

Whether your headed to a casual office cocktail party or a formal sit-down dinner, there’s always a place for silver and gold. You can dress up your office suit {or jeans, if your office is cool like that} with these pretty party sandals from Steven and wonder of all wonders, they work with a cocktail dress or gown as well. Mmmm…all that glitters may not be gold, but maroon velvet always works for a holiday party! These pretty chunky peeps from Schutz will have you feeling like a Christmas bonus!

Heading to a massive Turkey day pot-luck celebration? Check these pretty autumn wonders on for size. We like to be effortlessly chic for family & friend holiday functions and these pair well with full-sized bellies and post-dinner cleanup while still looking sweet, chic and casual:

  1. 10 Crosby Derek Lam Gi Bicolor Wedges
  2. Schutz Fasai Flat Sandals
  3. Tibi Gail Cutout Ankle Booties

Happy Holiday Heels: Sergio Rossi || The Shoe Dish

And no holiday season is complete without the culmination of it all. Dance your holiday off and ring in the new year in something dazzling! No amount of glitter and sequins is too much when it comes to midnight kisses as we say goodbye to 2013 and these latticed crystal sandals from Sergio Rossi will get more attention than the ball dropping in Times Square. Here are a few of our other favorite glittery picks:

  1. Jean-Michel Cazabat Elle
  2. alice + olivia Dina Metallic Snake Print Pumps

Even Our Shoes Salute You!

Even Our Shoes Salute You! Happy Veteran's Day || The Shoe DishIn honor of Veterans Day, we tip our hats and click of heels to you.

To all those who have served. To all those serving. And to all those yet to serve. We honor, support, and pray for you!

*Featured Here: Flogg “Daphene” Clog

Even our shoes salute you. Happy Veteran’s Day.

Rollover Combat Boots

Have you ever noticed that when you’re looking for something specific, you can never EVER find it. Yet, when you’re not looking for anything, you see a million things you want? Ugh! Welcome to the story of my shoe loving life.

Each fall I scour the stores, web, all of my favorite fashion blogs and magazines for the perfect boot to add to my burgeoning shoe collection and each fall I am remise to find exactly what I’m looking for. I think I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect moto boot now going on 5 years. No. Joke. Not that I don’t have moto boots. I do. I have a gorgeous pair from Sam Edelman…but they’re sleek, have a heel and are a bit more “dress up”. I also have a pair from Ash. They’re more of he hard knock, heavy, serious ass kicking type of moto boot. I love them both. But, I’m missing something. I can’t articulate it, but I’d know it if I saw it…

Rollover Studded Combat Boots || The Shoe DishAnd then it hit me while I was watching The Walking Dead. I need Miccone’s combat boots! That’s it! All this time I was looking for a casual moto boot, when all I really needed was a simple pair of combat boots. Duh! I haven’t figured out where Michonne’s are from yet. I know that they’re rollover and have some type of gold studding on them.

A slew of celebrities have been spotted in the trend recently, including rocker and party pal, Ke$ha, who sports the Bess Rollover combat boot that runs for over $400. It’s currently out of stock, but, I’m also looking to pay a little less than that :)

Rollover Studded Combat Boots || The Shoe Dish

So far, these boots from Luisa Viaroma are favorite…but of course they’re even more than the Bess at $815.

Rollover Studded Combat Boots || The Shoe Dish

One the other end of the spectrum, we have these rollover combat boots from Soda that are only $30.

Let the search continue…

Toms Shoes: Happy in Wedges

As a general rule of thumb, I love Toms Shoes. I love the company! I love everything they stand for. I have owned a pair of Toms originals {in grey} since the company first launched. They are a smart company, doing good business, giving back to the world, while providing a practical alternative to casual flats…

But, as much as I love the wonderful world of Toms Shoes, I’m not a huge fan of them from a fashion sense. There’s nothing cute about a Toms original. It’s just not flattering…on anyone.

Toms Shoes: Happy in Wedges

So, you might imagine my excitement when they introduced the Toms wedge and ballet flat. Now we’re getting somewhere, right! But, it wasn’t until this latest revision of the wedge that we really got thrilled to be an avid Toms fan. Now, not only are we thrilled about the company & business, but also the designs as well.

We recently got our hands on the super adorable, Zebra-print {no, it’s not real zebra} strappy wedge with a fully wrapped sole. They’re delicious! Comfortable, affordable, cute for a casual day at the market while sassy enough to strut into your favorite bar for a night on the town. Oh, did we mention they’re super comfy…well, we’ll say it again. Now this is a heel you can hike in!

Once Upon a Time: Chrissie Morris

Once Upon a Time: Chrissie Morris

Oh lordy, lordy, I have just crashed through the looking glass and tumbled into a fantasy! We want, want, want these Chrissie Morris Snakeskin Sandals and we must have them NOW!! These pretty peeps might be best suited for the Queen of Hearts – a debut in the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – but we’d prefer them upon our own little feet.

This Chrissie Morris heel is complete with panels of snakeskin and smooth leather to create a striated pattern. The jagged lines along the vamp and heel cap create an art deco finish. Do you love?

Once Upon a Time: Chrissie Morris