Trend Watch: The Audrey Hepburn Pump

The anti-stiletto inspired by the anti-privileged, Audrey Hepburn made whites socks and loafers famous in the late 1950s. These chunky, closed-toe pumps follow the same rules. A pump that’s not quite a pump, but not quite a flat either.

As an avid sky-high stiletto wearer, we’re always entranced by a “casual” shoe that catches our attention and our hearts have been won over by this beatnik-influenced style. A shoe that straddles alternative culture and sits happily in the mainstream, as well? Do show us more! Plus, they’re way more comfy 6-inch stilettos :) Here are a few of our favorites:

Trend Watch: Return of the Peek-a-Boo Bootie

Every couple of seasons a micro-trend is recycled. That’s why we’re constantly seeing the resurgence of things gone by. So, when you look at photos five years from now and think — “Lordy, what was I wearing? What did I do to my hair? What is that lipstick?” — chances are, you’ll make the same mistakes in another five years. We do not learn our lessons when it comes to trends.

Trend Watch: Return of the Peek-a-Boo Bootie ||  The Shoe Dish #shoetrend #fashionista #trendwatch

Thankfully, some trends are worth the great return. And the sassy cut-out, peek-a-boo bootie, like this B Brian Atwood Levens Cutout Bootiesis back!

Here are a few of our favorites:

Another day, another shoe!

My week in shoes:

Here’s the thing about Charleston in the winter. It can be 75 degrees one day, followed by a 19 degree wake up call just 12 hours later. I’m not exaggerating. I didn’t bring any of winter coats when I moved here because I was convinced that it would be warm 365 days a year. Hey, it’s the south! I was wrong. Today as I pranced down the steps to my car on a 62 degree morning, I was happily donning my favorite Ellen Tracy leopard-print wedges…

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

when I left work only 9 hours later the temperature had dropped 28 degrees, my toes were so cold, I’d lost feeling in them. Weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday? 28 and 33 degrees with a 50% chance of snow. Say whaaaaaat!!??! Apparently we were about to experience a #snowmageddon!

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

Don’t be deceived by this photo! It was 28 degrees in Charleston today and they’re now predicting a 100% chance of snow, freezing rain and low of 20 degrees tonight. Brrrrr…I know what you’re thinking: Silly girl. Cover up your poor freezing ankles. Yes, yes, but in my defense, I was snuggled up indoors all day. Bridges were closed. Businesses were closed. Even my office had a snow day. The city shut down.

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

Yup, it’s still FREEZING outside! Today, in honor of the first snow fall in Charleston in 4 years, I wore my chunky winter snow boots. You know, the ones reserved for trudging through 3 feet of snow in the woods. They weren’t really necessary, but they were warm.

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

Thankfully the temperatures have risen substantially today, but it’s still ankle bootie weather out there, which allowed me to pull out these oldie but goodies from London Underground.

Another Day, Another Shoe! || The Shoe Dish

And just in time for casual Friday, the weather has tempered once again. Gotta love the south. Snow and boots on Wednesday, sun and red suede flower ballerina flats from Kate Spade on Friday!

Marshalls Does it Again! Franco Sarto Clearance

There’s no doubt that we’re fanatic shoe deal hunters. Sure, I’ll spend a pretty penny for a great pair of designer shoes, but there’s no harm in looking for a great deal. I never buy a pair of shoes on first sight straight off the rack. A girl must do her research. Can I get it cheaper online? Can I wait 2 months for it to go on sale? These are the types of things I think about before diving head first into shoe-envy-fueled regret.

So, I frequent discount stores like Marshalls, TG Maxx and Ross, along with outlet stores from the department store greats, like Saks Off Fifth Ave, Nordstrom Rack & J. Crew Factory. I’ve found some of my most beloved shoes here, like the recent purchase of these casual cut-out booties from Reportand these yummy flats from J Crew.

It’s always hit or miss, but the occasional hits are so worth the occasional miss. Case in point: these navy suede and snakeskin mary jane peep-toes from Franco Sarto. Yup, these babies were only $19 after the triple-threat discount common of discount stores: 1) Already marked down for being in the discount store, 2) Extra discount for past-season or new season sale, and 3) On the CLEARANCE rack. After all the discounts, these pretty new peeps were 85% the original suggested retail price. Yup, I’ll take them!

How do you Jellie: Christian Louboutin Aqua Ronda PVC Sandal

Hello Lover! It’s been a while since we’ve posted a Christian Louboutin. Not for lack of inspiration – we drool over just about everything the French designer creates – but merely out of frugal-mindedness. If we see, we want. If we want, we buy.

How do you Jellie: Christina Louboutin Aqua Ronda PVC Sandal || The Shoe Dish

But, when we stumbled across these sassy jellie-inspired stiletto sandals, we just couldn’t resist. Only Christian Louboutin could make a dress heel, made almost entirely of PVC, sexy for the high street. Even though I imagine wearing these heels in the remake of I’m a Barbie Girl, I still want them desperately. I AM a Barbie girl. I DO live in a material world!

This Aqua Ronda PVC Red Sole Sandal from the man who perfected shoe design is complete with a transparent aquamarine PVC, red patent leather straps to match that famous red-lacquered sole and tops out at a height of 4 1/2″. Available at Neiman Marcus for $865.

In My Shoes!

For over a year now, I’ve been posting photos of my daily shoescapades on Instagram. Whenever I’m digging my outfit, am sporting a pair of kicks I LOVE {which is pretty much all of them}, and especially when I’m wearing something new, I will post it on the Insta. I don’t have separate Instagram accounts for my blogs, but if you want to follow my shoe life and life life, check it out @jillianize #shoescapades #shoelicious #shoewhore.

If you’re not an Instagrammer or don’t like me enough to #FF me :(   ….that’s cool too. I’ll be posting my shoescapade review right here, each and every Friday.

In My Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

My bootastic Sunday was courtesy of a weekend getaway to Asheville, NC. My boyfriend and I are expecting twins in May and decided to take an impromptu babymoon to enjoy the mountains, fresh air and SNOW! My boots were a bargain-hunting steal from Marshalls, while my boyfriends were a vacation splurge! You can read more about that HERE!

I’ve been doing a bit of consulting work for a local agency, so I’ve been pulling on the business casual this week, complete with all my favorite heels. These were another recent steel from the same Marshalls I found those booties. And at just 2 1/2-inches, they’re practically like wearing flats. Practical and pretty. LOVE it! A colleague happened to be decked out that day, as well, so I had to snap a pick of both of our our cute shoes.

In My Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

My new Converse kicks have been making plenty of appearances since they arrived under my tree at Christmas. I wear them to walk the pup, to the store, to the movies, to the farmer’s market, to the…well, you get the idea. This shoe snob has been reformed for the sake of Chuck Taylors!

In My Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

Proof that new shoes aren’t always the best shoes. These pretty Danish-inspired wedges are one of my favorite discount finds of all time and they’re 5 years old! They’re very unique and very comfy and I love them with inspired outfits, like orange pin-striped cigarette pants! *PS: Do my ankles look cankleish in this photo?

In My Shoes! || The Shoe Dish #shoescapades #shoelicious #shoelove

I almost recycled my Tuesday shoes on Thursday {hey, it happens}, but instead opted for a slightly bigger pop of color. These may look like flats from this angle, but they’re actually a super cute Audrey Hepburn stacked heel — it’s about an 1 1/2″.

In My Shoes! || The Shoe Dish

And my Friday staples…dark skinny jeans and hot heels. These green suede booties are from Saks very own private collection and I bought them at Saks Off Fifth Ave for 80% off. Yup!

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Chippewa Takes the Vacation

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I made a great escape to Asheville, NC for a weekend of fun in the…snow!

While shopping at one of the coolest stores I’ve ever comes across, Old North – sort of the American Revolution meets urban cool of the South {ummm, the store had a money-green leather sofa in it…need I say more} – we stumbled across these sexy rustic boots from Chippewa.

My boyfriend is a sucker for shoes, so you can imagine how we are as a pair. Hey, if I can spend $400 on a pair of heels, why shouldn’t he spend $270 on an indestructible pair of lifetime warranty work boots. Plus, he looks hot in them!

Chippewa Takes the Vacation!|| The Shoe Dish

So, a day later, after the enforced 24-hour waiting period for all large purchases, we found ourselves back inside that super cool store picking out those sexy red-toned Chippewa boots. He wore them out of the store, into the fresh snow, totally showing up my cut-out boots from Report.